Halimatu Bakarr


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A Maryland-based UI Designer and Developer with a global-based mentality

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I have difficulties with writing about myself so I’ll break whatever rules I made up in my head for this one. I design and code and love to do both. I also love to travel, write, and learn new languages. When I'm not doing any of these things, I'm binging my latest, favorite television show or hiding out in a coffee shop with my journal.

Music is my muse but I balance my audio time with interesting and sometimes informative podcasts. When I'm not on the other side of the world, I'm daydreaming about my next trip. With everything going on, however, I still make time to do nothing (and so should you!)

Things I've made (so far)

Music ID

A web application that allows a user to view their unique Spotify listening data.

Music Trivia

A simple trivia game testing your mainstream musical knowledge.

The Back To Work Report

A travel blog built using React & Prismic